Burns Pet Shares Their Favourite Things About Ireland

Craggy clifftops, wild landscapes, Georgian streets and some of the best dog walking routes known to man, Burns is no stranger to Ireland. What makes Ireland so special to Burns isn’t just what can be found in the scenery, or even in a glass of Guinness! it’s about the people and their communities.  

Burns in the Community  

Burns is proud to support several amazing charities in Ireland who help their communities in a variety of different ways. From providing food and shelter for rescue animals to helping children with their literacy, the list is endless. 

Through the acclaimed Burns Pet Nutrition Foundation, Burns supports organisations such as Galway SPCA, Dogs for the Disabled, as well as several veterinary practices and even local sports teams. Burns also announced the fantastic West Cork Welfare as charity of the year in 2019, providing them with a year’s worth of financial assistance and plenty of food for their animals.  

Our People in Ireland

Burns also has a great team in Ireland. Our Burns representatives have explored the length and breadth of Ireland while seeking out new and exciting stockists for our healthy pet food varieties, so they know all about what makes Ireland a great place to live, work and visit. One of our team members gives us a glimpse into the great things you probably didn’t know about Ireland. 

Three Things you Probably Don’t Know About Ireland 

1. The Food

Ireland has come a long way from bacon, cabbage and spuds! The food scene is really something nowadays, with more focus on quality. From quality food producers to exquisite restaurants, a bad meal in Ireland is a thing of the past. Although, we do still love a decent spud!

2. City of Love

The ashes of St. Valentine himself are housed in a shrine inside of Whitefriar Church in Dublin, donated in the 19th century by Pope Gregory XVI. Move over Paris … Ireland has the real city of love! 

3. Park Life

The Phoenix Park in Dublin is the largest enclosed public park out in any capital city in Europe. Originally opened to the public in 1747, a large herd of fallow deer still remain to this day. 

Working for Burns

So, what does it mean to work for Burns in Ireland? One of our team members loves the stunning scenery of Killarney National Park in Kerry and the seaside town of Kinsale in West Cork, as well as the well-known hospitality of the locals. 

They say, ‘Every year we get to exhibit at shows like the Dublin Horse Show at the Royal Dublin Society in Ballsbridge. The atmosphere is buzzing with visitors and competitors from all over Ireland and the world. It is a very tiring week, but it’s more than worth it for the craic we have. We love getting the chance to talk to so many dedicated animal lovers at events like this.’

For those who don’t know: 

  • Craic /krak/  – Noun IRISH
  • enjoyable social activity; a good time. 
  • “he loves the craic, the late nights” 

Burns and Dog Furiendly 

With so many wide-open spaces to explore, a culture of storytelling and people who greet you as warmly as distant relatives, Ireland certainly stands tall as one of the best places to live, work and visit. 


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