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Top of The Woods: Dog Friendly Glamping in Pembrokeshire

This weekend, our little family embarked on a whimsical journey to Top of The Woods – a hidden gem nestled within the lush, sprawling woodlands and expansive fields of Pembrokeshire. It was more than a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life; it was a soulful retreat into nature’s embrace with our beloved Charlie leading the way, tail wagging and nose eagerly sniffing out new adventures.

Is Top Of The Woods Dog Friendly?

Yes, you bet your bottom biscuit it is! This haven doesn’t just tolerate pups; it celebrates them. From the moment your furry friend steps paw onto the lush fields, they’re considered part of the family. With acres of space to run, explore, and sniff, it’s a paradise for any pooch.

The team at Top of the Woods understands that dogs are more than just pets; they’re family. That’s why they’ve gone to great lengths to ensure your furry companion has as much fun as you do. They provide doggie bins in handy spots, ensuring cleanliness and convenience. A warm welcome awaits all waggy-tailed adventurers, making them feel right at home from the get-go. And it doesn’t stop there. The abundance of sticks to chase and fields to explore ensures your dog has as much fun as you do.

Simply put, Top of the Woods makes your holiday enjoyable for both you and your furry friend.

Our Experience At Top Of The Woods

Our adventure began when Top of The Woods, a gem for dog friendly glamping in Wales, extended an invitation to explore their scenic site. The prospect of sharing this holiday with Charlie, indulging in new sights and scents, sent our excitement through the roof. Glamping in Pembrokeshire offered us a luxurious twist to camping, promising the beauty of the outdoors without the hassle of packing camping gear. All we needed was an overnight bag, Charlie’s bed, and an eagerness for adventure.

Warm Welcome

The moment our feet touched the grounds of Top of the Woods, relaxation seeped into our bones. Surrounded by nature’s tranquility, with the sun’s embrace and birds’ melodies, we felt at home. And Charlie? He was already taking in the fresh, country scents, tail wagging like a little rotor.

Stepping into the courtyard, surrounded by Georgian farm beauty, was a revelation. It wasn’t just a field; it was a quaint village waiting to embrace us. Soo, the co-founder, and Dylan, her canine companion, greeted us with the warmest of welcomes.

In Awe of the Tour

Our tour revealed the breadth of accommodation and facilities available. From Safari Lodges and Bell Tents to a communal fire-pit and the essential comforts of modern amenities, every corner held a new delight. The Dutch barn, with its vibrant straw bales and festive bunting, became an instant favourite, offering a cozy retreat for communal dining or a quiet afternoon in the hammock garden.

Feeling right at home

Our Pioneer Tent was a chic, boutique haven, complete with an outdoor kitchen and a campfire spot. Charlie found his spot, settling in with ease. Inside, the tent offered cosy mattresses and a living space, but remember, pooches on beds are a no-go! Luckily, Charlie’s bed was just as comfy.

Basking in the sun, soaking in the silence, Charlie had other plans. His joy was unbridled in the open fields, darting through the grass with the energy only a happy dog knows.

Surrounding Adventures

Our adventures took us from the secret waterfall walks suggested by Top of The Woods to the stunning Poppet Sands beach. Witnessing Charlie’s joy as he played with other dogs against the backdrop of a setting sun was a highlight we’ll cherish forever.

Returning to our glamping haven, we indulged in simple pleasures: cooking over the campfire, sharing stories, and soaking in the beauty of our surroundings under a canopy of stars. The fairy-lit ambiance of the campsite added a magical touch to our nocturnal wanderings, perfectly capturing the essence of our stay.

Thinking of taking a holiday?

In a world where digital distractions are relentless, Top of The Woods offers a sanctuary. Soo and Jon have created more than just a dog friendly glamping site in Wales; they’ve crafted an experience where you and your four-legged friends can reconnect with nature and each other. With a wealth of dog friendly activities in Pembrokeshire, your stay can be as relaxed or adventurous as you wish.

Our first adventure at Top of The Woods was unforgettable, and we’re already dreaming of our next visit. If you’re in search of a glamping or camping holiday in Wales, especially in the Pembrokeshire area, look no further. Top of The Woods is not just a place to stay; it’s a place to live, laugh, and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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