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Finding Adventures Right Under My Nose

I’m Dobby, a lurcher and according to my Mummy, a handsome boy.

I wasn’t always beautiful or loved though. When I was about six months old mummy found me eating out of the cat food tins in her recycling bins! She took me to the vets to see if I had something called a chip in my neck. I don’t know why they were looking for chips cos there were none of them in her recycling boxes, I was very hungry I would have found them!

Anyways I had no chip and mummy said she would keep me unless I was claimed. Well, boy, am I glad no one claimed me cos at mummy’s house I have loads of food. These days, I’m always going on lots of adventures. Today I’m sharing the adventures you could find right under your nose if you just explore.

We are all guilty of not seeing what is under our noses. Even our furry friends have moments where we think that they need to go to Specsavers! We live, work, shop etc in areas for years but do we ever really bother to really see what these places have to offer?

Maybe I am a little different to some people. Because we moved from Bristol to South Wales when I was little we spent years exploring all that the area had to offer, after all for a lot of the time it was like being on holiday with the Gower and it’s beaches right on our doorstep. I remember my parents talking to neighbours and saying about the wonderful beaches they had found to take me to, only to be told by that person who had been born and bred in that area and was retirement age, that they had never been there!

The year I took my O Levels we moved to Cheshire, once again we travelled around finding new places to visit. But as the years past and I became more rooted in an area I have to be honest and say that although we have always hunted out different places with our family where we live has gradually become overlooked. To the point that now I have Dobby after a good decade of being dog free, I am rediscovering and even finding for the first time, places right on my doorstep!

We all go off on our holidays, searching out great places to visit with our children, both human ones as well as the furry kind. We go on tour buses, go into the local information offices to find what the area has to offer. Do we do this at home? Most likely the answer is no!

Become a tourist in your own area! Go on a guided travel bus tour. Hit the guide books. Walk for the fun of walking and finding a hidden gem. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you find!

I drive past Helsby and Frodsham hills every day of the week. They are the landmarks that show me I am nearly home. But how often do I climb up onto those two hills and look at what they have to offer?

This last summer with Dobby I climbed up both. Ok I don’t remember them being that steep last time I climbed them but that was thirty years ago, so maybe they have grown! But the views were so worth it!!

Take it from me, some of the best places to go are right there on your doorstep. Don’t ignore them.

Kay & Dobby xx

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Where’s your favourite place to visit with the dog? Share your adventures below.


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