It’s Official We Love Dogs More Than Humans

It’s official, we love dogs more than humans! Some people love their pooch so much they spend just as much as they would with a child on Christmas. We even prefer them to some family members. Heck, this website is living proof, that our love for dogs is immense!

The Insurance Emporium carried out an independent survey of over a thousand pet owners to see how much people loved their pets. 

The Study

We’re a nation of pet lovers, so perhaps it’s not totally surprising that a staggering 39% of pet owners said they loved their pet more than people! Almost a quarter (23%) said they loved their pet more than their friends, and perhaps shockingly, almost a fifth (19%) said they loved their pet more than their spouse! 

 And the surprises didn’t end there. 18% said they loved their pawsome pets more than their own family, with 16% even going so far as to say they loved their pets more than their children.  Parents did not come off unscathed either, with 11% saying they loved their pets more than their parents. Ouch.

It seems that pets occupy their owners’ thoughts with 97% admitting to thinking about their pet up to 50 times a day. 

Asked how they demonstrated their love in practice, most people (71%) did this by giving the pet edible treats such as biscuits and chews, extra attention (68%) and new toys (57%).  Some took them out on a trip to their special place, such as the park, beach and no doubt plenty of dog friendly places too!

When it came to spending on pets, over half (53%) said that the most they’d ever spent on treating their pet on one single occasion was between £11 and £50. 5% had spent between £251 and £500 in one go.  And the most pampered pet of all had cost its owner a whopping £3000 on just one occasion!

So why do we love dogs more than humans?

  • Reliability. Our pets will always be there for you. They’re loyal and shower you with unconditional love. Compare that with the human divorce rate.
  • Non-judgmental. They will never say a bad word against you. Non-judgmental listening can be a great benefit, like your very own furry therapist.
  • Practical matters: They force us to get out and take a day to day healthy walk. If you’re single, they’re a date magnet. Some also may provide security barking at the door when someone comes near your home. 

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  1. I love this blog post but thought this was a giver?! As if my Mooma could love anyone in the world more than me.
    Floofsters are just the best and every family should have one. My family say I was what brought us all together and completed us. We do so much more together than they ever did without me and we have so many adventures.
    Mickey x

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