Animal Friends Insurance Partners With Dog Furiendly

Say a BIG woof to Animal Friends Insurance, our official pet insurance partner.

Dogs can get into all types of mischief when they’re out and about, and we want dog owners to explore dog friendly places with total peace of mind. That’s why, we have joined forces with Animal Friends to provide exciting advice and support for every hairy household.

We’ll be working together to share the UK’s most tail-wagging destinations, while giving animals a voice by strengthening and promoting animal welfare campaigns together. Of course, all while having plenty of fun along the way.

We’ve teamed up with Dog Furiendly to make the search for dog friendly life and adventures, a walk in the park. We’ve been providing industry leading pet insurance and first-class pet care for over 20 years, so whether our customers are exploring a city, glamping or visiting exciting dog-friendly attractions, they can relax knowing their dog’s covered for the unexpected.  

This partnership will make it easier for our customers to lead more adventurous and confident lives and see more of what our country has to offer through a community of like-minded dog lovers.

Westley Pearson, Chief Executive Officer, Animal Friends

Who Are Animal Friends Insurance?

Animal Friends Insurance was founded by Elaine Fairfax in 1998 with the sole aim of providing pet insurance as a means to help support animal welfare charities.

These furry legends have given over £5.6 million to more than 500 animal welfare charities around the world. They utilise their voice to help keep customers, supporters and the general public informed about the changes that are needed, and steps that must be taken, in order to prevent vulnerable animals from being further mistreated, abused and neglected. By educating and inspiring others to act on current events and responsible pet ownership, Animal Friends is driving positive change for animal welfare and conservation.

In 2020 alone, the company gave £1m to protect some of the most vulnerable animals in captivity and in the wild. Since its inception, Animal Friends has grown to become a multi-award winning pet insurer and is now one of the largest pet insurance providers in the UK, looking after more than 1,000,000 pets. People that choose to insure their pets with Animal Friends Pet Insurance are not only protecting their own animals, but are helping thousands of animals who are suffering around the world. 

Animal Welfare At The Heart

One of the things we loved about Animal Friends, was their dedication to animal welfare. We both share similar values of trust, responsibility and community. Therefore at the heart of our partnership, we aim to promote important animal welfare campaigns.

Together we aim to give animals a voice by strengthening and promoting animal welfare campaigns, empowering dog owners to make a difference for themselves and for others.

As part of our partnership, Animal Friends will contribute £5,000 towards Bark Aid 2021, our annual campaign aiming to ease the pressure on dog rescue centres and dog charities.

At the core of both of our brands lies similar values which aim to improve the quality of life for pets and their owners, making us a natural fit. Throughout the partnership, we’ll be using our voice for good by working together to strengthen animal welfare campaigns, empowering dog owners to make a difference.

Adele Pember, Founder of Dog Furiendly

Suppawt For First Time Dog Owners

We will also be pooling expert insights and resources to support our joint community of dog owners, particularly first-time dog owners.

The PDSA Paw Report 2021 found a high proportion of people who got their pet in the first 14 months of the pandemic are new owners and it’s vital that they are provided with expert guidance, advice and support.  

During lockdown we spent more time with our dogs than ever before and as restrictions have eased, we believe that there’s no need to return to what continues to separate ourselves from our dogs, as we often needed to pre-pandemic. We’ve all learned to adapt and embrace new ways of living and working and more and more cafes, pubs, restaurants, hotels and events are realising the benefits of opening their doors to the whole family, including the beloved dog.


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