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Dog-Friendly and Reactive Dog Friendly Holidays: Our Experience at Rowley Farm in Worcester

Are you a reactive dog parent struggling to find suitable and dog-friendly accommodations? Look no further! Our recent two-night stay at Rowley Farm in Worcester was an absolute delight, especially for dog owners with reactive dogs like our furry friend, Loki. Finding accommodations that not only allow dogs but also understand the unique needs of reactive dogs can be challenging, but Rowley Farm exceeded our expectations.

Discovering the Perfect Reactive Dog friendly Holidays

Finding the perfect reactive dog-friendly holiday may require some time and effort, but the rewards are well worth it. At Rowley Farm, the hosts genuinely care about their guests and their canine companions, whether they are reactive or not. This caring and understanding approach made our stay stress-free and truly memorable.

Our cosy abode for the stay was the ‘Old Dairy,’ a beautifully warm barn that instantly felt like home. The attention to detail in the decor was remarkable, and the comfortable furnishings provided the ultimate relaxation. We were greeted with a delightful welcome pack, complete with delicious fudge and other treats that made us feel truly pampered.

Of course, Loki was thrilled with the specially provided dog biscuits! It was heartwarming to see that the hosts took the time to ensure that both their human and canine guests felt welcome and cherished.

Thoughtful Dog friendly Amenities

Rowley Farm goes above and beyond to cater to reactive dogs and their owners. They provide plush ‘Teddy blankets’ to cover and protect sofas and beds from any stray dog hairs, perfect for those pups who love to snuggle on furniture. It’s little touches like these that truly make a difference in creating a comfortable and dog-friendly environment.

Gardens and Hot Tub Retreat

We were pleasantly surprised to discover a beautiful communal garden at Rowley Farm, designated as a dog-free zone. This allowed us to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings without worrying about our furry friends getting into any mischief. Furthermore, each accommodation had its own private garden, providing a secluded and serene retreat.

The wood-fired Hikki hot tub was an absolute dream, offering a rejuvenating experience under the stars. After a day of exploring the breathtaking countryside, it was the perfect way to unwind. Sipping on the delicious apple cider from our welcome pack while soaking away all worries made it even more delightful.

Muddy Paws Dog Wash

The surrounding walks near Rowley Farm were simply breathtaking, and Loki adored them. With stunning views at every turn, the countryside exuded peace and tranquillity. One of the highlights of our stay was the outdoor muddy paws dog wash. It proved to be a lifesaver after long walks with Loki, and we made good use of it throughout our visit. The dog shampoo provided had an incredible scent, and we appreciated the peanut butter and lick mat available for our furry friend’s enjoyment. The hosts truly went the extra mile to ensure our dogs felt welcome, pampered, and comfortable.

In summary, we cannot recommend Rowley Farm enough. The owners have poured their love and care into creating a beautiful and welcoming space for guests and their canine companions. The ‘Old Dairy’ accommodation was a true gem, and the starlit wood-fired hot tub provided an unforgettable experience. We are grateful to Rowley Farm for providing us with a wonderful dog friendly holiday, and we will definitely be returning!

Dog-Friendly Dining Experiences

During our stay, we had the pleasure of visiting the nearby Riverside Inn, just a short distance from Rowley Farm. The best part was that this charming establishment was also dog-friendly, allowing us to bring Loki along. We started our experience with drinks outside, enjoying the breathtaking river views while savouring delicious local cider. The relaxed and inviting atmosphere made us feel welcome from the moment we arrived.

The food at Riverside Inn was fantastic, and we were impressed by the wide range of options available. The friendly and attentive staff went out of their way to ensure our experience was enjoyable. Being so close to Rowley Farm, it was a perfect opportunity to explore the local area while indulging in delectable food and drinks in a dog-friendly environment. We highly recommend visiting Riverside Inn during your stay at Rowley Farm.

Experience the Best of Dog friendly and Reactive Dog friendly Holidays at Rowley Farm

Whether you’re a reactive dog parent or simply seeking a dog friendly retreat, Rowley Farm in Worcester provides an exceptional experience. With their understanding of reactive dog needs, thoughtful amenities, beautiful gardens, and relaxing hot tubs, they create a haven for both humans and canines alike.


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