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The Cutest Cockapoos You Need To Follow On Instagram!

There are more adorable Cockapoos on Instagram than you can throw a stick for!

With their fluffy features and pretty faces the Cockapoo is one of the cutest breeds around. It’s no wonder that Instagram is chock-a-block full of pictures of them.

We love all pooches at Dog Furiendly whether they’re big, small, soft, scraggly, lazy or excitable. But Cockapoos in particular holds a special place in our heart.

To show our appreciation of Cockapoos (and to justify the time we spend looking at them on Instagram when we should be working) we’ve put together a list of the cutest Cockapoos you need to follow!

Their humans even agreed to give us a bit of insight into their precious pooches:


Owner Amy is just obsessed and so in love with her sweet Teddy Bear. He’s wild but very intelligent, super affectionate with the sweetest little face and he is hilarious. Walking into glass doors has become a hobby of his. He’s her partner in crime, travel buddy and he never fails to make people smile.


Hello, my name is Nelly and I am a playful 18 month old Cockapoo. I love lots of belly rubs and treats. I’m very mischievous and my owners sometimes like to call me naughty Nelly. Be careful not to leave any shoes around as I love to chew them. I am adventurous and love making new furry friends as well as swimming and getting dirty in muddy puddles.


Charlie is a constant ray of sunshine in his owner Claire’s life and everywhere he goes he spreads so much joy. He always wears the biggest smile and has an enviable wardrobe full of jumpers and accessories.

Charlie joined the Instagram world during lockdown when Claire was really struggling with her mental health. Charlie and Claire ran little activities every day to support the well-being of both pups and their parents. This then led to creating the #SHAREASMILE AND #SUNDAYSNIFFS movements which has now been running for over a year!

Charlie and Claire are preparing for a new chapter together, getting ready to launch their brand new venture Woofs and Wellness.


Hello my name is Roxy I’m a Cockapoo that will be turning 2 in September. I love posing at the camera but it can get annoying sometimes. I also enjoy sunbathing so I can’t wait for summer to arrive. I’m a fussy eater. My human says I take a lot of exercise since i have more Cocker in me than Poodle.

She also says I’m so cute that she can’t stop spending her money on me and that I’m robbing her bank. I have no clue what she means though. Woof woof!


Betsi-bear is a scruffy bundle who was rescued at just ten weeks old. She was cute as a button from day one, loving everything and everybody. Happy in just her fluff or dressed to the nines in one of her signature combos of a bandanna, snood and hair bow. Betsi is loved by all who meet her!


Archer is a unique looking Cockapoo. Unlike most curly Cockapoos, he has a golden flat coat. With the fluff around his ears and limbs, he’s often mistaken for a little golden retriever puppy. Although 18 months old, he still has a lot of puppy energy and is very playful. He is highly intelligent and loves a challenge especially when it comes to learning new tricks.

He is a natural when it comes to posing and loves fashion. Archer loves to explore and visit new places and enjoys every bit of travel.


Molly is a very happy and loving pup. She loves attention and playing with other dogs. Molly would play fetch for hours if she could. Her middle name is ‘mud magnet’, if there is a muddy puddle on a walk, she will find it!


Hello! My name is Woody and I’m probably the cutest pup you have ever seen. Don’t let this fool you as I’m also the worst mischief. My pawrents got me two years ago and since then they can’t ever find their socks, TV remote or toilet roll.

I am a bundle of joy and love playing in the park with other dogs and love hill walking. I am pretty much a mountain dog and love having a splash in the river. But I hate having a bath afterwards – too much water in one day can be dangerous. Also I just love my sister Rosie who is also a cockapoo!


Wilbs is a gentle, soft soul. He has such a wise expression it’s hard to believe he hasn’t been here before. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but what he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in affection.

Loving nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa, each time you call him over for a hug he always pushes his head into your chest. He sometimes gets worried out on walks but he puts all his trust in me and we bumble around the countryside together, smiling as we go. Wilbs is a true gentleman, he is so very special to everyone who meets him.


Hi, I am Marley, an f1b Cockapoo who will be 2yrs old in May. I was in a litter of 9 and the last to be picked….mum said they must have seen the mischief in my eyes, but it was to her advantage!

I am a good dog with a lot of personality. I love people and dogs alike and often get stopped in the street with a compliment of how cute I am. My hobbies include chasing balls and squirrels and my favourite food is chicken. I don’t like being groomed but my thick curly coat takes a lot of looking after….especially as I love to get dirty (if there is dirt around I am sure to find it and have a roll!)


Eddie’s most favourite way to pass time is being around people. He hates being on his own!

We have recently been doing lots of UK stay cations as a family, trying to discover parts of the UK that we haven’t been before! We love going on long walks in the countryside and then chilling by a fire when we get back.


Murphy might be small but his personality is HUGE! He’s the most cheeky and mischievous yet loving and warm floof we’ve ever known. They say cockapoo’s can be fussy eaters – this certainly isn’t the case for Murphy! He’s a walking hoover, will eat anything that’s food and stuff that’s not even food! He loves his naps and going on long walks in the woods. Everything he does is with a huge smile on his face and he’s certainly one of a kind.


Hi, I’m Toffee, a 2 year old Cavapoo from Essex. I love a road trip in my comfy car seat and arriving at new destinations to explore all the new smells. Cuddles are my favourite and I will do anything to squeeze myself onto my mums lap. If that’s not available, I’ll find the nearest cushion or soft furnishing to lay my head on. Fun fact: one of my nicknames is BoJo, due to the blonde shaggy fur on my head.

Are You Obsessed With Instagram Cockapoos?

Perhaps this list has shown you why we love Cockapoos so much!

You’d have to have a heart of stone not to melt at these furry little angels. Are there any adorable Cockapoos that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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