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10 Books for Dog Lovers of All Ages 

Books about dogs will help future owners to choose the most suitable breed for themselves and pet owners to understand them better. They match the needs of pet owners of any age because the authors share their experiences and many useful tricks. The books below result from many years of skill, love, and devotion to friendly and loyal dogs. Start choosing your first volume!

Don’t Shoot The Dog: The New Art Of Teaching & Training

It is a handy book for those who want to understand or change an animal’s behavior. It teaches how to use positive reinforcement for more than just training our dogs. It shows the way to gain results. Yet, the book is more than a volume with dog training tips. Reading and realising the given examples, we may find out the explanation why punishment and violent attempts to force someone to change so often end in complete failure. Thus, it may relate to any living creature, revealing the book’s reader’s common psychological tricks about training people, animals, or even bad habits. 

Things My Dog Has Taught Me: About being a better human

Read another great book about the dogs’ positive impact on human life. The book’s author is a Scottish rabbi who claims that his beloved dog taught him four essential things in life. In the book, he reveals that his pet collie, Mizpah, helps him at work and home and makes him a better person and father. Yet, the main thing is that he learned to be a more patient and attentive listener than before. In addition, he shares that he started to forgive others more easily.

Dialogue with dogs: signals of reconciliation

Tourid Rugaas is a Norwegian dog trainer. She started her school for dogs in 1989. Then, Tourid began teaching other dog trainers and conducting seminars in 1992. Thus, there are many tips and rules anyone who wants to get a dog may learn. Thurid Rougos pays special attention to dogs’ mental abilities and internal motivations in her volumes. That book tells us about subtle signals of body language, the basis of dog communication. Not only can we learn to recognise reconciliation signals, but we can also use them to communicate with our dogs. Read to know the foundation of modern Western cynology.

Before & After Getting a Puppy

If you have just got the idea to get your child or yourself a puppy, do not hurry up with the action. You would love another suggestion, instead. Read as much as possible about raising the new family member. Ian Dunbar, a vet, dog trainer, and behaviourist from Great Britain, collected the book for those just choosing a puppy. In the first part, the future owner prepares to acquire a puppy. He learns how to select the right breed, the right breeder, or just the right shelter dog. Next, the book helps you assess your dog’s developmental status to avoid possible problems and prepare your home for the puppy’s move. The second part talks about the proper socialisation of a puppy and how to train the most important skills that allow a dog to feel comfortable in the company of other dogs and, of course, us humans.

Small dogs are a big miracle.

The author does not promote a specific breed but explains the basics of the functioning of small dogs. She shares the cynological knowledge of the 21st century. Sophie Strodtbeck reveals:

  • particular genetic predisposition; 
  • developmental phases and necessary vaccinations; 
  • education and training; 
  • feeding and care.

You will know the organisation of the development program and communication with relatives. Her own baby Piccolo, a Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix, opened the door for her to the wonderful world of small dogs. Thus, if you have prejudices against little dogs, you will see they are mistaken. To find out what makes you hesitate to take a small pet, you may write the reasons down. Creating a small article will let you see the logical traps and make you conscious. Then, ask Best Writers Online to review the resulting paper for an advanced approach. You will see your inconsistencies. Besides, you will learn to write. Is it not that great?

The hyperactive dog, Maria Hense

Have you ever gotten in trouble because your dog did not listen to you or ran away?

The book of Marie Hanse is recommended to every owner, trainer, and psychologist of dogs as a desktop tool for daily use. It suggests 12 exercises to increase concentration and 23 signals, significantly simplifying everyday life. A unique, practical guide to helping your dog live a harmonious life by reducing stress, treating hyperactivity, and developing valuable skills. The book addresses the questions: What is hyperactivity, and what causes it? Can hyperactivity be cured? What are the goals of therapy? How do you organise treatment?

The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs

Patricia B. McConnell, the certified American dog trainer with many years of experience, is a regular participant in behaviour and dog training conferences and the author of several best-selling books. Armed with the results of many scientific studies, the author shows that such dissimilar biological species as humans and dogs have much more in common than they differ. For example, dogs are not only capable of experiencing emotions, but they express them in much the same way as humans. By learning to “read” the expressions of emotions, we can at least partly answer the question that interests every owner: what is going on in the head of our best friend? This knowledge can transform the relationship between man and dog, give the key to understanding our pets, and help train and solve behavioural problems.

Dominique Guillo. Humans and Dogs

The book of the French researcher is devoted to the relationship between man and dog. The author problematises some questions. The answers usually seem self-evident: features of the evolutionary origin of the species, domestication strategies, and independent adaptation of the dog to the conditions of life in the same niche as humans, etc. According to the scientist, it is Canis familiaris from an “environmental” point of view that is the closest creature to us. The book won the 2009 Moron Grand Prix, an award given to a “French author for work or writing that promotes fresh ethical ideas.” Dominique Guyot is a sociologist, anthropologist, historian of science, and director of the Jacques Burke Research Centre in Rabat.

Training without punishment. Five weeks to make your dog the best in the world

Don Silvia-Stasievich is a professional dog trainer with 20 years of experience. She raised Barack Obama’s dogs and Senator Tela Kennedy’s puppies. The specialist shares his experience in the book. You will learn: how to wean a dog from jumping on guests and escaping during a walk and easily teach your basic pet commands in just five weeks. If you need to collect the list of recommendations fast, you may ask Writing Judge specialists to assist you with that task. Thus, you will find out the most crucial things and help another dog owner.

The perfect dog does not walk the owner. How to raise a dog without bad habits.

A book by a German veterinarian-psychologist, Martin Rutter, about the most important topics for any dog breeder. What to do so that the dog is not aggressive towards other animals? How do wean him to climb on the table and eat garbage from the ground? Martin Rütter answers all these questions. You will turn your watchdog into a dream dog thanks to detailed and simple instructions.

Do you have any favourite books?

Share your favourite books in the comments below to help other dog owners to raise a happy healthy dog!

Written By Wanda Lafond

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