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The Best Star Wars Dog Gifts Available On Etsy!

Loki is feeling the paws of all these Star Wars dog gifts!

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… we made a list of the best Star Wars dog gifts on Etsy!

Okay, so it was wasn’t really that long ago or that far away but we have compiled a list of must haves for all Star Wars super-fans and their mini chewbaccas.

This collection has everything a Star Wars fanatic and dog lover could want. Including T-shirts, doggy bandannas, dog tags and even unique themes portraits of your pet!

Fun Star Wars Gifts For Dogs and Dog Lovers

Dog Dad T Shirt

Best Dog Dad in the Galaxy Best Dog Dad Fathers Day Shirt image 1

Star Wars and dogs… what more is there to say?

Star Wars Doggy Chocolate

Doggie Chocolate Star Wars  Star destroyer & AT-AT The image 1

These dog friendly chocolates are in the shape of At-ats and destroyers.

Chewbacca Pillow

Wookie cushion hand made to order  star wars gifts and image 1

We think your dog will have a new favourite pillow when this furry monstrosity arrives. Can also be referred to as a wookie cushion! 😉

Furry Jedi Bow Tie

This Wookie Bow Tie/Furry Jedi Bow Tie/Big Stick Energy Bow image 1

Just because you’re a Jedi doesn’t mean you can’t dress dapper.

Plush Lightsaber Toys

Plush Lightsabers image 1

All the fun of playing with a lightsaber for your pooch without the danger!

Dog Tags With A Star Wars Theme

Pet ID Tag  Star Wars Ewok Inspired  Dog tag Cat Tag Pet image 1

We think the statements on these dog tags have applied to all of our dogs at some point! 😂

Star Wars Style Darth Vader Bone Shape Dog Tag Personalized image 1

This cute dog tag has Darth Vaders face alongside a funny slogan.

Custom Acrylic Pet Dog Cat Tag  School Bag name Sports Keys image 1

The millennium falcon is one of the iconic symbols of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Furry Jedi Star Wars Inspired Dog ID Tag  Pet ID Tags  image 1

This eye catching design of Star Paws is sure to be a hit with fans.

Star Wars Themed Dog Tags image 1

These icons are from the newer, more recent movies within the Star Wars series.

Star Wars Dog Bandannas

StarPaws Glow-in-the-dark Bandana Over the Collar  Star Wars image 1

This fun collection will show your pooch is the biggest four legged Star Wars fan around!

Star Wars Dog Bandana Chewie Chewer Dog Bandana Star Wars image 1

Is your dog always gnawing at something? Do you always have to ask what they’ve got in their mouth? Are they furry? Say no more!

Star Wars Pet Bandana  Baby Yoda  Dog Bandana  Cat Bandana image 1

Baby Yoda is considered by many to be the cutest being in the galaxy. Except for your dog in this bandanna of course.

Storm Pooper Dog Bandana  Funny Dog Bandana  Over the Collar image 1

We think this one speaks for itself! 😂

Star Wars  Yoda  Chewbacca  Vader  R2D2  Sci-fi  Disney image 1

These cute animated re-imaginings of beloved Star Wars characters are a perfect accessory for any pooch.

Personalised Star Wars Portraits Of Your Pooch

Yoda Custom Pet Portrait  Digital Premium Canvas Premium image 1

A Yoda themed portrait personalised with your pooches adorable face.

Star Wars Darth Vader Pet Portrait  Custom Pet Portrait  image 1

Take the fear away from one of cinemas most famous baddies by replacing his frightening mask with your furry best friends face.

Pop Animal Painting Custom Dog Portrait Star Wars Obi Wan image 1

Your dog may be more of a treat hunter than a bounty hunter but they’ll still look dashing in this portrait.

Star Wars Custom Pet Portrait Canvas Framed or Poster image 5

This fun pet portrait sees your dog in the role of a Storm Trooper.

Star Wars Obi Wan Pet Portrait  Custom Pet Portrait  Obi Wan image 1

Obi-Wan Kenobi is a beloved hero of the Star Wars series, imagine how much more you’ll love him when he looks like your pooch!

What do you think of our list of Star Wars dog gifts? Are there any great options that we missed out? Let us know in the comments!

To discover more great gift guides and accessories head over to Houndy. Maybe you’re a Lord Of The Rings lover or a Game Of Thrones fanatic? We’ve got the guides for you!


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