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Oscar’s Dog Friendly Holiday to Cumbria

Who loves dog furiendly holidays? WE DO!

Hey, I’m @Westie.Oscar. We have recently been on holiday to Millom, Cumbira and we can’t wait to share our adventures with you.

Our Warm Cosy Lodge

Before getting our paws ready for big adventures, we checked into our stay for the weekend Brockwood Hall Lodges. Here’s some photos to show you how big, warm and inviting our lodge was.

Now I’ve got all my fluffy tail excitement about the cosiness of the lodge out of the way… I’m going to tell you about all the fantastic things I got up to on my holiday in Cumbria!

Hiking In Keswick

On our first day we did a 4 hour hike up Walla Crag from Hope Park, Keswick. There are such beautiful views from up here; it really makes the climb well worth it. We ate some snacks at the top before heading back down back to the lodge. A nosy out of the lodge window and a nap on the sofa for me whilst mum and dad enjoyed the relaxing private hot tub. Mum also got the amazing news that we were going to be explorers for Dog Furiendly that night which made it even better and we had pizza from their dog friendly restaurant to celebrate! 

Exploring Duddon Valley

On our second day, we explored Duddon Valley near Seathwaite, Cumbria. I don’t think we have been anywhere more beautiful. Crystal clear rock pools, farm land, villages, forests, waterfalls. It was a super hot day so I had to keep hydrated and cool. I paddled in the rock pools and saw an incredibly beautiful waterfall. The scenery here was just unreal and passing through Wallow Barrow was our favourite. It’s a National Trust site and we won’t spoil it, but you must visit, you won’t be disappointed! I saw sheep, cows and horses! Look.. 

St Bee’s Beach

The next day was very wet and windy but we like to get out in all weathers and so went to St Bee’s beach for a couple of hours. As you can see I got very wet but we had great fun watching the wave’s crash and playing on the sand. This is a lovely little secluded beach, a bit difficult to get up and down but totally stunning. There were even some cows up here and I saw the lighthouse! 

Another Wainwright we ticked off the list was Rannerdale Knotts. We followed an old map and therefore took a route that was not easy at all. I was super brave and lead the whole way, listening to mum and dad’s instructions. Mum thought she was going to require a rescue team at one point (so dramatic) but we made it to the top and it was incredible. Safe to say, we won’t be taking that route again but there are other routes which are much safer and the views are something else!

I had a fabulous time in and around Cumbria and really recommend hiking, it’s great for our bodies and minds and we all feel so much more ‘together.’ It’s a great hobby and the views speak for themselves! Book yourself a dog furiendly holiday and check out my listings to view a couple of the places we have stayed, including this one! Who loves to hike like us?        Oscar ☺

For more of Oscar’s dog friendly adventures visit @Westie.oscar


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