Our Favourite Gifts For New Puppy Owners

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There’s nothing more exciting than bringing a new puppy or even a new rescue dog home. While there is plenty of excitement, it can also be slightly overwhelming with so many new things to think about! Puppy proofing, what bed to get, where will they sleep?

Thankfully buying gifts for new puppy owners isn’t quite as daunting, but with so many things to choose from where do you start? So we’ve pulled together some super cute puppy gift-giving ideas.

Bundle of Puppy Toys

We love this starter kit for puppies. All of the toys inside the box are plastic free and eco friendly. Inside the kit is a 3 fun varieties of rope toys, a treat ball, soft toy and training frisbee. This covers all of a puppies fundamental desires to chase, tug, chew and smell. 

You and your puppy will have endless hours of fun with this kit.

Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit

Puppy’s are BIG chewers! They love nothing more than exploring with their chompers, whether that’s your slippers or a destruction of bedding.

This is usually a result of the teething process. These bone toys satisfy the natural need to bite while also cleaning dental plaque and preventing the formation of tartar. 

Tiny bristles on the bone raise during chewing meaning it acts similarly to a toothbrush. The toys are suitable for all breeds and have not been chemically treated or bleached. 

Puppy Book

Training a puppy isn’t always a walk in the park, especially on your first time. This simple guide talks you step by step through getting your new furry best friend settled. 

The author Steve Mann has been a professional dog trainer and behaviourist for over 30 years and founded the Institue of Modern Dog Trainers. You may recognise Steve from BBC’s “The Underdog Show” and “Who Let The Dogs Out”. His book is written in a fun and engaging tone with simple but intuitive advice that is a godsend for any first time puppy parents.

Personalised Puppy Gift

If there’s one thing you need to be prepared for as a new puppy owner, it’s the number of toys and treats that will fill your home. These handmade personalised dog toy bones, treat bags and dog toy box make a great gift for new puppy owners. They’re available in two colours, natural canvas or polka dot grey.

Personalised Dog Bowl

When you get a puppy, the last thing you’ll think about is getting some nice water and food bowls. But did you know having a good bowl is important? Plastic bowls can harbor bad smells, it’s easily scratched (causing bacteria growth), and of course it can be chewed by puppies. So personalised bowls like this are a real treat, easy to clean and difficult for your dog to pick up. They come in either a gloss marble effect, gloss white, matte black or a deep green matte.

Snuggle Puppy Toy

This is more than a cute soft play toy, but it’s a great companion and comforter for young puppies and even smaller dogs. Puppies are instinctively drawn to their mother’s intimacy, physical warmth and heartbeat – so the little pup is used to super snuggles with the whole pack. Of course, this is missed when they move into a new home. So this toy provides a ‘real-feel’ pulsing heartbeat, which provides your puppy with an extra source of comfort for your pet. This can also reduce negative behaviour resulting from anxiety, including whining and barking.

Personalised Dog Treat Box

This wooden box is the perfect container for your dog’s treats. Personalised and engraved with their name no less. Keep your dogs biscuits and chew sticks in the oak effect container so your dog knows they have their own special treat box. Just make sure to put it out of reach or the treats might go missing!

Personalised Dog Towel 

These dog drying towels are super absorbent and made of soft microfibres. Personalise it by adding your pooches name above the cute pawline outprint. 

This towel is lightweight and folds up nicely and compactly meaning it can be used at home or is a great travel and beach option. The high quality of the microfibres also mean you can be sure the towel will be long lasting.

Portable Dog Water Bottle

This water bottle is portable and convenient, perfect for walks and days out with your pup. The carabiner can be attached to your backpack or stroller easily. Available in 550 ml or 350 ml sizes you can be sure your pup will never go thirsty.

For more of our favourite portable water bottles click here.

Puppy Cam Furbo

Why We Love Our New Dog Camera Furbo - Dog Furiendly

Gift for new puppy owners don’t get more special than this. A Furbo is a treat dispensing dog camera, which allows dog owners to check in on their sweet puppy throughout the day. Dog owners can view control while they’re out and about using an app. We love Furbo, check out our full review here.

What Gifts For New Puppy Owners You Would Add?

Did we miss any gems from the internet? Have you bought something that your puppy loved? Let us know in the comments!


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