Meet The Human Behind Canine Kleptomaniacs

Inspired by the thieving habits of a sneaky Spaniel 🐾

If you have a love for board games and a love for dogs then you need to check out Canine Kleptomaniacs.

Matthew Jones is part of the incredible family enterprise who publishes and sells games. Inspired by the thieving antics of the family spaniel, Canine Kleptomaniacs is a fun game in which you have to collect, hide, bluff, pilfer and trade your way to victory.

We caught up with Matthew to find out more about his business, read our Q&A below.

Hiya Matthew! We’re so excited to chat about this tail-wagging game with you today. Tell us all about Canine Kleptomaniacs and what inspired you to create it.

Golden Ginty Games is a small, entirely family run enterprise which we set up to publish and sell our card game Canine Kleptomaniacs

A few years ago we were on a family holiday in our caravan, trapped inside by incessant rain. So, rather than playing the usual fare of Monopoly and Uno, or just vegging on screens, I suggested we invent a card game. After a bit of a discussion, we all agreed that it would be funny to theme the game around our spaniel’s obsessive thieving habits. We never planned to make a business out of it at all. 

However, although we developed the game initially for our own amusement, we did start to share it with family and friends and people kept telling us we should do something with it. So, eventually, having developed prototypes of the game and visiting the UK Games Expo to test the game, we bit the bullet and launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to fund the first print run. Our success in getting a crowd behind the game spurred us on to set up the business.

That’s hilarious, you have a right sneaky spaniel! How many dogs do you have?

We have two sprockers – Amber (8) and Molly (3). They are the perfect colour combo of black and gold.

Molly is sweet natured, kind, gentle but incredibly excitable, endlessly energetic and spectacularly dim.

Amber is neurotic, compulsive and obsessive in her stealing habits. She loves nothing better than barking at cats and squirrels – or any other living creature that comes within 20 metres of the house!

I bet it’s never a dull day with Amber and Molly! How did you come up with the name Golden Ginty Games?

Golden Ginty Games is named after a nickname for our 8-year-old sprocker spaniel Amber. No idea where the name Ginty game came from, but it just seemed to stick.

Of course, all of the best businesses are named after a dog. What would you say makes Canine Kleptomaniacs so different to any other card game?

I think it’s fair to say that there’s no other family card game inspired by the thieving habits of dogs! It’s surprising really when you consider how widespread the phenomena of canine kleptomania must be. I’m pretty sure most dog owners have suffered a stubbed toe whilst hunting for a lost slipper, or witnessed their wash bin being shamelessly raided by a pilfering pooch!

I have to admit, we’re BIG fans of the game. We take it on all our dog friendly adventures! You must have so much fun running the business. Do you run it full time?

We run the business as a side line, as both myself and my wife work full time! I work in museum design and my wife is a primary school teacher

Wow! That sounds fascinating. What’s your favourite thing about your job?

For me, getting to visit loads of amazing places and meet people who are really passionate about their history and heritage is really rewarding. Plus, I get to work with some awesome creative people to dream up all kinds of visitor experiences.

There’s nothing we love MORE than getting to visit amazing places (especially with the dog). Do you have any favourite dog friendly places or destinations?

We’re blessed to live in Devon where we have the option of both moors and beaches. On the edge of Dartmoor, and we love a ramble over the tors.

Well jell! Devon is a beautiful part of the world. When you’re not busy loving life with the dog’s what else do you enjoy?

Apart from the obvious priorities of being with family and friends, I would have to say my surfboard!

One of the perks of living in Devon I guess! Tell us something that not many people know about you…

I’m allergic to dog hair! Not great when you share a house with two energetic spaniels!

Oh my DOG! But I bet you wouldn’t have it any other way? So, what’s next for Canine Kleptomaniacs and Golden Ginty Games, any exciting plans?

We’re sticking with our existing game and the add-on pack for a while. However, we’ve had lots of ideas for other doggy-related themes which might form future add-ons. Ultimately, we’d love to see people being able to purchase the game through stores like John Lewis or Waterstones.

That sounds incredibly exciting! One more question before we wrap up… where can people buy this amazing game?!|

You can find our store at Not only will you find Canine Kleptomaniacs but our expansion pack called Covert Ops. Covert Ops adds a new twist to the base game and lots of James-Bond-esque silly doggy gadget cards.

Have You Played This Amazing Game?

Why not experience the fun of Canine Kleptomaniacs for yourself? Already played it? Let us know in the comments below. Looking for an adventure to take this travel-sized game? Click here for inspiration.


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