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The Best Christmas Wrapping Paper With Dogs

We’re On A Roll 😉

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Add a pooch-onal touch to your gifts this year with this selection of Christmas wrapping paper with dogs on.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and the only thing that could spread more cheer than Santa Clause is Santa Paws!

Whether you want to wrap your gifts in paper that looks like your own pooch or you want a mix of breeds bringing smiles on Christmas morning you can take your pick from this list.

Be Careful With Wrapping Paper

Quick note before we dive nose first into this tail-wagging paper.

We all know that sometimes your dog would much rather play with the paper than the goodies inside (unless they’re treats of course). So you will need to take good care. The Blue Cross mentions that “ingestion may cause staining in the mouth which may look alarming, but the toxicity is considered to be low. But if your dog eats a large amount, it may cause an obstruction to the stomach.”

Miniature Schnauzer Paper

Festive Miniature Schnauzer Christmas Wrapping Paper image 1

As if schnauzers don’t already look like Christmas on four legs, these ones are wearing reindeer antlers!

Mixed Dog Breed Wrapping Paper

Can’t decide which breed will spread the most yule-tide joy? use wrapping paper with them all on!

Christmas Wrapping Paper With Sausage Dogs

Luxury Christmas Sausage Dog Wrapping Paper image 1

Pigs in blankets without the blankets, these little cuties will raise a smile from everyone on Christmas morning.

Labrador Wrapping Paper

It feels like Christmas every time you look into a Labradors eyes. Merry Woofmas indeed!

Paw Print Paper

Paw Print Wrapping Paper  Luxury Gift Wrap  Paw Print Gift image 1

Make it look like your pooch has crawled all over your wrapping paper (which is actually quite likely if you’ve got a naughty pup!)

Cute Christmas Wrapping Paper With Dogs

These hounds will spread the Christmas cheer like nothing else!

Santa Paws Paper

Festive Black Labrador Christmas Wrapping Paper image 1

It’s going to snow outside, the weather will be cold, but this black Lab looks snuggly and warm this winter in his adorable scarf.

Cockapoo Christmas Wrapping Paper

Cockapoo Wrapping Paper Roll Cockapoo Christmas Wrapping Honey Tan

There’s plenty of holly and ivy on this cute wrapping paper but I think we can all agree the Cockapoo steals the show!

Snowy Dog Paper

Snowy Christmas Dog Wrapping Paper image 1

Snow is falling…. all around us….dogs on your wrapping paper…. means festive fun!

Cute Festive Pooch Paper

The only problem with this wrapping paper is that you won’t want to rip it open because it looks too cute!

That’s a Wrap!

Did we miss any great Christmas wrapping paper with dogs options? Let us know in the comments! Looking for some gorgeous personalised dog decorations to make your Christmas tree sparkle? Click here.


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