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Game Of Thrones Gifts For The Doggy Direwolf In Your Life

Game Of Thrones took the world by storm with 8 series of drama, conflict and surprises. If your dog loves to binge Game Of Thrones with you then they’ll also love the range of GOT merchandise we’ve picked out!

These selection of Game Of Thrones accessories will add a touch of Winterfell to your winter. Why not get the little direwolf in your life a taste of the seven kingdoms this Christmas?

Transport your pooch to the seven kingdoms with these Game Of Thrones gifts for your dog!

Game Of Thrones Bandanna Gifts For Dogs

I Drink And I Know Things Bandanna

Direwolf In Training Bandanna

Direwolf in training Game of Thrones over the collar style image 4

Winter Is Coming Dog Bandanna

Game of Thrones Dog Bandanna image 1

Arya Of House Stark Bandanna

Custom Game of Thrones Bandana image 1

Jaime The Kibble Slayer Bandanna

Kibble Slayer Bandana image 1

Game Of Thrones Collars

House Of Bark Collar

House of Bark Dog Collar Puppy Collar Small Dog Collar GOT image 1

Swanky Pet Mother Of Dragons Collar (Red)

NEW: Mother of Dogs  Dragon Dog Collar image 1

Swanky Pet Mother Of Dragons Collar (Blue)

NEW: Game of Bones  Dragon Dog Collar image 1

Game Of Thrones Houses Collar

Game of Thrones Dog Collar or Matching Lead Leash Seat Belt image 1

Direwolf In Training Collar

Game Of Thrones Dog Gifts To Liven Up Your Home

Custom Game Of Thrones Dog Portrait

Game of Thrones Custom Dog Portrait Pet Portrait Hand of the image 1

Game Of Thrones Personalised Dog Doormat

Game Of Thrones Doormat  House Targaryen Door Mat  GOT  image 1

Game Of Thrones Direwolf Wall Art Shield

Game of Thrones Wall Art Dire Wolf Stark Shield Wall Hanging image 1

Love Nerding Out With Your Pooch?

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? What’s your favourite Game of Thrones accessory on this list? Let us know in the comments! Click here for more great themed gift guides.

Written by Michael (Dog Furiendly)

Hey there all you cool canines and puppers! I'm Michael, the Sales and Barketing Manager at Dog Furiendly. You'll usually find me working in the pack to bring you some of the very best dog friendly locations across the UK.


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