9 Ways to Spoil Your Pooch on International Dog Day

Of course, we believe that EVERY day should be about our canine companions. However there is one day of the year that’s devoted entirely to our tail-wagging pals. International Dog Day is celebrated annually on the 26th August, so it’s only right we go all out to celebrate and shower our pups with love.

International Dog Day was established in 2004 by animal lover and advocate Colleen Paige. Since then this woof-worthy day has grown in popularity across the world. Colleen uses the day as a platform for good, sharing much-needed global doggy welfare issues.

So how can you best celebrate this day with your loveable pup? Here’s 8 of our favourite ideas!

1. Treat your pooch to a staycation

Now you know this had to be our number 1 right? But hear us out. Dogs thrive while exploring new places. It’s the perfect way to introduce them to a whole new heap of sights, smells and socialising opportunities. While we all refuse to believe this is true, our busy lives can sometimes compromise the full love and attention our pups deserve. So when you go on holiday together, your pooch gets valuable time and attention which helps to improve that special bond together.

So where to go? Well you could pamper your pooch with a hotel who goes the extra mile for furry guests. Ringwood Hall Hotel is a 19th Century Manor House located on the gateway to the Peak District set amongst 6 acres of award-winning gardens. They have a real dedication to pampering both you and your pooch during your stay. While you’re enjoying a spa treatment, you can sign your pooch up to their very own tail-wagging ‘Pampered Pooch Experience’ in partnership with Georgina’s Pet Sitting. Georgina’s team will provide your pooch with a big walk, a lavish shampoo massage bubble bath, a pedicure and paw soak, with a deep paw moisturising balm and an ear cleanse with a fragrance cologne finish.

2. Support a local dog rescue

If your dog had the capacity to do this, you know it would be on the top of their list (right under walkies and treats of course). Support a local doggy rescue by volunteering, fundraising or donating. International Dog Day is all about celebrating dogs, but so many of them don’t have a home, the love they deserve or even a voice to raise awareness of the much needed animal welfare issues out there.

3. Enjoy a new walking route together

If your dog could pick one thing to do this International Dog Day, this would always be on the top of their list. Instead of going on your usual walk ‘around the block’ or to the ‘local park’, try a new route or path. Climb a mountain, take an extra long route, or let your pooch lead the way and see where their sniffer takes you. Make it even better, by catching the sunrise or sunset together.

We’re so lucky in the UK to have a range of walking routes on our doorstep. Mountains, beautiful waterfalls and lakes, scenic views and dreamy coastlines. Use our website to find a new walking route for you both to enjoy. Don’t forget to load your backpack with snacks and plenty of water for both you and the pooch.

4. Bake some doggy treats

If there’s one thing that makes a dog perk up, it’s a TREAT! So why not pour some love into them by baking them at home. You’ll be the love of their life forever.

We have a couple of recipes to share with you, including Pancakes, Biscuits, Banana Bread, Pretzels… or perhaps some Pizza!

5. Make some puptails

Not into baking? How about puptail making. Treat your dog to their very own puptail with our favourite recipie, Pup on the Beach:

  • ½ of a banana
  • ½ grated carrot 
  • ½ glass of cold water
  • 1 teaspoon of turmeric

All you have to do is cut the banana into slices, grate the carrot, then blend all the ingredients together.


6. Go on a poochy picnic

When the sun is shining, a picnic in the park is always plenty of fun. Pack picnic bits for the humans, but don’t forget to throw in some picnic bits or treats for the dogs.

Thanks to our typical British weather it’s always unpredictable, but don’t let the gloomy weather stop you. Enjoy a picnic indoors with your pooch? Even better, build a fort with plenty of snacks inside for both you and the pooch to enjoy.

7. Try something new

Dogs love nothing more than to live every minute of the day, so it’s important to give them new experiences to keep the brain active.

Think out of the box and try a totally new activity together like Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). SUP is great fun for pups who love the water and together you can glide across pretty lakes and rivers. If your dog isn’t a fan of being that close to the water, then perhaps a boat ride might be a great shout for you. There’s plenty across the UK, from canals, to open sea trips where you can spot Dolphins.

Prefer to have their paws on the ground? Book a dog dancing, scent training, parkour or even just an agility class! Great way to learn something new whilst having fun and socialising with like-minded humans.

8. Sign pup for a subscription box

Surprise your best pal with a unique delivery straight to the door (no doubt greeted with a woof). There’s plenty of subscription boxes to sign up to, and it’s probably the easiest way to win your dog’s heart. Got a puppy? Celebrate their first International Dogs Day with a Puppy Club box from Burns Pet Nutrition. It’s a great way to shower them with food and treats (oh and did we mention it’s free). Does your pooch drool for treats? Collarclub is another favourite of ours! Click here to see our favourite subscription boxes!

9. Take a trip to the beach

Are we cheating a bit? I guess it is classed as a dog walk, but there’s nothing better than seeing those flopsy ears and waggy tail bounding through the sand and sea! Let your pooch dig until their heart is content. We have plenty of dog friendly beaches over on Dog Furiendly, so pop over and see if there’s one local to you!

What are you planning to do this International Dog Day?

Let us know in the comments below, or help us to think of other tail-wagging ideas!


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